Power Objects


Empath Protector

FULL TITLE: Empath Protector. Helps empaths create healthy energetic boundaries so that they may clearly distinguish their own emotions, needs, and desires from those of others.

MEDIA: Vintage mannequin hand, wooden beads, natural fluorite crystal octahedrons, and acrylic paint.

YEAR: 2017


Trauma Healer

FULL TITLE: Trauma Healer. Repairs damage to physical body brought on by emotional trauma, beginning at the cellular level.

MEDIA: Vintage mannequin hand, wooden beads, snakeskin sheddings, various seashells, snake bones, catfish atlas bone, and acrylic paint.

YEAR: 2017


Power & Energy Amplifier

FULL TITLE: Power and Energy Amplifier. Increases power and healing energy one receives and/or sends to others.

MEDIA: Vintage mannequin hand, barnacle cluster, titanium quartz crystals, cholla cactus wood, and acrylic paint.

YEAR: 2015


Elixir Stills & Cure Bottles

INSTALLATION TITLE: Elixir Stills and Cure Bottles. Activate by gazing into jars and bottles. Gazing must be 100% voluntary. 

Radical self-acceptance elixir (formulated for self-esteem issues)
Self Love and acceptance elixir (calibrated for the self-hating)
Discernment for empaths; cure for poor boundaries
Elixir for relinquishing the need to control situations and other people
Find your power; cure for those easily taken advantage of
Perceive inner beauty; cure for fixation on outer appearances of self and others

GENERAL MEDIA: Healing intent and energy, incantations, moss, flower petals, herbs, sea horses, cicadas, snake bones, snakeskin sheddings, sea shells, sand, wasp nests, succulent plants, various crystals, including amber, mica flakes, and pyrite, and more.

YEAR: 2017

photo credit: Robert Chase Heishman


Energy & Intention Reverberator

FULL TITLE: Energy and Intention Reverberator. Increases strength and resonance of healing energy one receives and.or one’s intention and will. 

MEDIA: Vintage mannequin hand, barnacle cluster, ceramic with glass, shed snakeskin, quartz crystals, hand-cut paper, collage, and acrylic paint. Round canvas and moss.

YEAR: 2015


Focus/Meditation Piece

TITLE: Focus/Meditation Piece. Devours and transmutes negative energy that’s ready to be released. For self-use only.

MEDIA: Vintage candle stick holder, barnacle shell cluster, driftwood, shed snakeskin, polymer clay, hand-cut paper, acrylic, and modeling paste.

YEAR: 2015


Transformation Piece

FULL TITLE: Transformation Piece. Eases the transformation and growth processes and provides emotional protection amid challenges.

MEDIA: Driftwood, barnacle cluster, glazed porcelain sculpture with glass, barnacle cluster, and acrylic paint.

YEAR: 2016



TITLE: Revitalizers. Accelerate the breakdown of unproductive subconscious programming that’s ready to be released and its transformation into fertile ground. For self-use only.

MEDIA: Ceramic with glass.

YEAR: 2015