Hybrid Devices


Life Review Device

FULL TITLE: Life Review Device. The Life Review process uplifts users from depression and despair, triggering a life re-boot. Users re-experience their entire lives in a full/extra-sensory consciousness download, infused with the hope and purpose with which they entered this lifetime. The device facilitates the process of releasing blame and grudges, forgiving one’s self and others, and getting back on mission.

MEDIA: Three vintage clock radios, vintage TV antenna, and quartz crystal cluster

YEAR: 2017


Subconscious Translator

FULL TITLE: Subconscious Translator. Navigates unconscious mind. Decodes messages from one’s subconscious self received via dreams, physical ailments, and mysterious behaviors.  Gets to root of self-sabotage, projection, haterism, addiction, and more. Provides emotional protection as painful suppressed memories surface. For self-use only.

MEDIA: Vintage headphones, beads, quartz crystals, plant roots, fossilized shark teeth, snake skin sheddings, collage, and acrylic paint

YEAR: 2016


Karma Planning Device

FULL TITLE: Karma Planning Device for Future Lifetime Maximization. Instantly assesses karmic debt accumulated throughout user’s earth incarnations. Knowledge embedded in dormant memory cells, activated by soul at opportune times. Does not override free will. Increases chances of reincarnating at higher levels in subsequent lifetimes.  Positive past lifetime impact reverberation highly likely.

MEDIA: Vintage clock radio (metal), vintage TV antenna, and two orange rhomboid calcite crystals

YEAR: 2016


Inner Space Travel Device

FULL TITLE: Inner Space Travel Device. Opens access to vast, unchartable (by third dimensional means) inner realms and dimensions, traversed purely via consciousness. This device will enable users to: Expand perceptions beyond the spectrum of color, depth, sound, and emotion-based senses (and more) accessible to humans in the physical form, and “try on” non-physical senses entirely foreign to most embodied humans.

• Experience multi-local consciousness, or perceiving one’s self and surroundings in numerous places or dimensions simultaneously.

• Step into the continuous hum of the “eternal now,” outside time.

• Pull down beneficial astrological influences currently not in their chart.

 For advanced souls only, at device’s discretion.

MEDIA: Vintage light fixture and wooden and glass beads

YEAR: 2017


Consciousness Mirror

FULL TITLE: Consciousness Mirror. Users immerse themselves in and understand themselves through partners’ consciousness to heal and advance relationships. Operates best when used reciprocally. Functions only with full permission. May be used individually, to see the self through one’s own soul’s perspective. For advanced souls who are emotionally prepared to know themselves.

MEDIA: Vintage gas mask, vintage hair dryer, “spirit” quartz cluster, mirror tiles, glass beads, collage, acrylic paint, mannequin bust

YEAR: 2016


Conscious Dying Device

FULL TITLE: Conscious Dying Device. The Conscious Dying Device is a gift to elders whose time of natural death is approaching. Users who engage with the device—often wise, highly experienced souls—are referred to as “Call Recipients.” The device gives Call Recipients a gentle heads-up on their forthcoming departure. The “Call,” which is received via dreams, signs, and synchronicities, creates an unwavering knowing that one’s time is near, soothes fears of dying, and eases the transition process. Most Call Recipients are healthy and free of illness and depart peacefully while sleeping or meditating. Perhaps most importantly, the device gives Call Recipients the chance to connect with loved ones, heal relationships, and attain closure on their own terms before moving on to their next realm.

MEDIA: Vintage clock radio, vintage telephone receiver, fossilized coral, living air plants, artificial plants, moss

YEAR: 2017


Guidance Counselor

FULL TITLE: Guidance Counselor. This one-way communication device calls out from spiritual realms to users who are on the brink of profound transformation in their three-dimensional lives on earth.  Answering the Guidance Counselor’s call restores a portion of users’ memories of their eternal selves, i.e., who they are as limitless energies outside time and beyond all other earth-based lifetimes. Though over time the ‘eternal-self’ memories may fade, the initial call triggers the dauntlessness necessary to complete the transformation and next stage of their purpose and mission in this lifetime.

MEDIA: Vintage Ukrainian telephone, pyrite clusters

YEAR: 2017


African diasporic Ancestral Memory
Transmutation Device

FULL TITLE: African Diasporic Ancestral Memory Transmutation Device. Targets cellular memories from middle passage and enslavement. Extinguishes/quells effects of trauma passed down genetically from ancestors.  Inhibits passing to descendants traumas caused by 20th and 21st Century anti-Black racism and brutality. Operates at individual soul’s discretion.

MEDIA: Vintage clock radios (2), TV antenna, reel-to-reel tape recorder; fossilized coral, vintage African trading bead, snake skin sheddings, ammonite fossil, fossilized shark teeth, cicada wings, moss/lichen, collage and acrylic paint




Prismatic, Poly-Incarnation & Parallel Universe Relationship Observation Device

FULL TITLE: Prismatic, Poly-Incarnation & Parallel Universe Relationship Observation Device. Users re-experience moments from key relationships to increase self-knowledge and empathy and ultimately improve those key relationships (which may follow them in new forms into future lifetimes). Engaging with this device is akin to being immersed in an ultra-real, multi-dimensional, surround-sensory-like re-play of interpersonal moments from one’s current life and past lifetimes, along with the could-haves and should-haves that played out in parallel universes.

Users zoom in and out on key relationships, observing and re-experiencing the reverberative effects of their past thoughts and actions from numerous vantage points: 1) Within themselves—from survival mode, heart-based, and intellectual perspectives, AND 2) Outside themselves—from each involved party’s perspective and that of the user’s higher self.

MEDIA: Two vintage clock radios, found bird sculpture, and three natural orange rhomboid calcite crystals

YEAR: 2017